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Q. Should  I notify the neighbors that the fence is being replaced?

A. Yes your neighbors do need to be notified  before the job is begun. In doing so they shall have the time to secure their belongings and their pets.

Q. Will the company remove and install items attached to my fences?

A. Please be sure to remove items attached to the fence or the are close the area needed to install the fence. Universal Custom Fence shall not be held liable or responsible for damages made to these items. Nor shall Universal Custom Fence  reinstall said items on the newly installed fence.

Q. Does Universal Custom Fence trim tree limbs or bushes in the way of the fences?

A. Universal Custom Fence will trim up to ten branches, excessive trimming will be subject to an additional fee. For more information please consult with one of our representative.

Q. Does Universal Custom Fence install the fences on the property line?

A. We install the fence where the old fence was originally located .If you have concerns about the location of the property line, we recommend you to contact a local survey company to locate and work the pin for the property lines.

Q. Does Universal Custom Fence locate underground utilities? Such as Gas, Cable Company, Fiber Optics, Water Lines,

A. Universal Custom Fence will mark all the underground Utilities for more info visit.

Q. Does the Universal Custom Fence dig out the old posts?

A. In most cases  Universal Custom Fence will  remove the old post and will install the new post in place of the old ones.

But in some cases the new post shall be placed along side of the old one after having removed the visible post. For more information please ask one of our representative.

Q. How long will the installation take?

A. Universal Custom Fence will place your installation on it schedule in the order that the ordered installation our placed. Please be aware that the start date could vary from one to two weeks depending on the availability of materials, permits, current workload and weather.

Q. Are Steel Post Used in the installation?

A. Typically Universal Custom Fences uses metal post in their installations unless a special order is placed by the client.

Q. Should we be home for the installation?

A. No, the home owner does not have to be present during the installation. Universal Custom Fences has selected trustworthy personnels ,and the fence will be built according to the desires of the customer.

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